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Graphic Designer

“Hello,World.”  Welcome to my portfolio site.

I’m tamacoΘ (Misa Tamaco) a freelance Graphic&Web Designer based in Tokyo. Very appreciate work from all over the world.
It have been develop and design logos, websites, brochures, DVD packages, book covers, generative-arts, and everything in between.

If you ask an estimate of your project, please send a design brief or description of your project to Contact tamacoΘ.
Or its easy way is just say Hello to my instagram !

Recently I’m fall in love with Creative-coding. Let’s talk about it.
I will appreciate the time you take to reach out me.

Thanks.   Misa




■Illustrator (14years)
■Photoshop (14years)
■web (10years)
・UI/UX design

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»Generative Art
»Web Design
»Graphic Design